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What is Kombucha?

Kombucha comes brewed with benefits – what begins as a nourishing and comforting cup of tea transforms into a refreshing, sparkling detoxifying happy hour – infused with all the benefits of tea and hand-picked botanicals combined with probiotic enzymes, polyphenols and electrolytes, thanks to the natural and authentic fermentation process that takes place when the kombucha mother culture comes to the party! We select our tea blends, keeping loving watch over our brewing cultures, and bottle at the peak of freshness that results in a kombucha elixir with a delicious, light, effervescent taste that has not been diluted or sugar added as with many store-bought kombucha. Together Kombucha is authentic, fully- fermented, small-batch, craft kombucha. We know you’ll taste the difference.

How is Our Kombucha Truly Different?

Each of our brews is blended with purpose. They are developed to achieve specific health and wellness goals through carefully selected active ingredients, fine teas, herbs, and botanicals without sacrificing flavor profile and enjoyment. Each unique blend has a deliciously light and layered crisp taste, and a naturally vibrant shade that looks beautiful when bottled.

We guarantee you that every drop of Together Kombucha you taste has been authentically brewed and fermented in primary fermentation at least 5 days in our small batch tanks. The secondary fermentation, when the bubbles appear, all takes place directly in the bottle you purchase, and is non-filtered, so you may have some floaties but it is all part of the natural and life-giving process of kombucha fermentation. The floaties are all natural particulates from the mother S.C.O.B.Y (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) and are part of the detoxifying elements of our brew.

Did you realize that companies can call kombucha “kombucha” even when they sell you sweet sparkling tea with a micro addition of very sour kombucha concentrate? Sadly, yes. Together Kombucha is 100% full fermentation with the tea “on the mother” for 5-8 days, depending on the season and outdoor temperature and then bottled to create the natural sparkle. This ensures very little residual sugar, and the maximum of benefits and taste for your body and palate. 

What Does Our Kombucha Taste Like?

We brew our twelve specialty flavors with taste and nourishment in mind. Each blend is light on the palate, multi-faceted, layered, and balanced, just like a fine wine or spirit. We develop flavors from years of knowledge about the benefits of plants, curated for their health benefits, taste, and vibrant hues when steeped. Each of our offerings are inspired from the best of what our Mother Earth has to offer us.  

Find Out More About Our Clubs

Together Kombucha offers special memberships dedicated to sharing kombucha with you.

Each club membership that we offer has been lovingly crafted in order to support the way you wish to receive your kombucha, and you will automatically receive 35% off the retail cost of our kombucha, in your monthly shipment and for any brews at our online store or at our microbrewery. All payment information is strictly protected, encrypted and tokenized at all times by ACI Worldwide for your complete security and peace of mind. Club members have access to free monthly and privately scheduled brewery tours and tastings, and kombucha shipments direct to your door or available for free pick up at the microbrewery. As part of the Together Kombucha family, our place is your place. Check out our offerings below. 

The Kombucha Club

Join The Kombucha Club and enjoy our brewer’s selection of fan-favorite flavors each month with 35% discount on every purchase, shipped to you or pick up from our microbrewery in Davis, CA.

Clitoria's Secret Club

Tried our Clitoria’s Secret Kombucha and can’t get enough? We’ve got a club for you! Join our Clitoria’s Secret Club and enjoy a six-pack our Signature, best-selling brew each month, shipped to your door!

Keg Conscious Club

Can’t get enough of the Kombucha life? In an effort to be as sustainable and wallet-friendly as possible, we can fill your home kegerator with your favorite brews! Enjoy your choice of kombucha in a 5 gallon keg (a three-month supply) straight from our brewery to your fridge.

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